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Okořeňte Vaše kampaně cílením na míru!

Najít kreativní a navíc efektivní řešení v cílení kampaní není vždy jednoduché. Proto Vám přinášíme ukázky cílení kampaní přímo z praxe. Pro naše klienty jsme v průběhu podzimu vytvořili několik zajímavých segmentů, které jim vdechly nový rozměr.


Prodejce automobilů Cíl: Podpora prodeje dodávek

Segment na míru

topenáři, zedníci, pokrývači, truhláři, zahradníci, podlaháři, zámečníci

Prodejce sportovního oblečení Cíl: Podpora zimní kolekce

Segment na míru zimní sporty, snowboard, sjezdové lyžování Autorizovaný prodejce autodoplňků

Cíl: Podpora prodeje doplňků k automobilu

Segment na míru střešní nosiče, střešní boxy, sněhové řetězy


Máte před sebou zadání kampaně a nenapadá Vás vhodné řešení? Kontaktujte nás a společně nalezneme to správně cílení!

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The Backbone of Economic Growth: The Vital Role of Logistics

In the many-sided snare of worldwide business, planned operations remains as the uncelebrated yet truly great individual, discreetly fueling the driving force of monetary development. From the unassuming starting points of moving products from point A to point B, strategies has developed into a complex organization of interconnected frameworks that support the cutting edge economy. In the present unique world, the significance of strategies couldn't possibly be more significant, as it assumes a crucial part in driving proficiency, diminishing expenses, and working with exchange on a worldwide scale.

Coordinated operations envelops a wide range of exercises, including transportation, warehousing, stock administration, and conveyance. At its center, it is tied in…


Trash Bin
Trash Bin
Jun 14


 India, a place that is known for different societies, rich practices, and energetic varieties, has forever been a mixture of imagination and development. This holds especially obvious in the domain of inside plan, where old feel mix consistently with contemporary impacts to make spaces that are both immortal and in vogue. As we step into the most recent section of plan advancement, how about we dive into probably the most enamoring patterns forming the universe of inside plan in India today.

1. Combination of Customary and Present day Elements

Quite possibly of the most unmistakable pattern in Indian inside plan is the combination of customary components with current feel. Architects are…




Apr 16

Unlock Your Online Potential with Super Web Development LLP's Premier SEO Services in Sweden!

Are you ready to propel your business to the forefront of the digital landscape in Sweden? Look no further! Super Web Development LLP is here to revolutionize your online presence with our cutting-edge SEO services tailored for the Swedish market.

As a leading digital marketing agency, we understand the importance of visibility and prominence in today's competitive online arena. With our proven track record of delivering tangible results, we empower businesses of all sizes to ascend the ranks of search engine results pages (SERPs) and dominate their respective industries

Here's how our premier SEO services can benefit your business in Sweden:

1. Strategic Keyword Optimization: We…


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