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.  The first steel rolling stock to be mass-produced was the Lima Locomotive Works (LLW).  The locomotive consists of a diesel engine which drives a generator which powers an air compressor.  The air compressor is driven by a third turbine or drive shaft that is powered by a second turbine which is powered by a primary shaft which is driven by an alternator.  This type of locomotive is known as a three-axle turbine-alternator type locomotive.  These locomotives are used primarily for freight service in North America.  This class has been designated by the UIC classification system as 011AC or 01AC.  They are similar to the GE Hs110-2CW, and GE Dash 9-39CW locomotives which have both had.  In the United States, the Class 1AC locomotives are used primarily on short-haul or branchline freight service.  It is important to note that the UIC classification system and is not necessarily the same as the American classification system (classified locomotives).  In North America, this classification applies to electric locomotives (Class 801) as well as diesel-electric locomotives.  In Europe, similar locomotives were designated 083CW, which are similar to the GE Class 40CW.  In countries which used an ISO classification system, the locomotive was designated by the designator code of the ISO system.  For example, in the United Kingdom, such locomotives are designated 028AC.  They are in service in some countries as well as the UK.  For example, the three axle turbine-alternator type is used in Brazil.  However, in Brazil, these locomotives are called 66CW, and are also used in Portugal, Angola and elsewhere.  For more information on these locomotives, see Wikipedia. A third system used in some countries is the Switzerland system, which is similar to the UIC classification system.  These locomotives are designated 074AC, and this classification is not used by many countries.  They are very similar to the GE Class 40CW locomotives.  See Wikipedia for a more complete discussion of these locomotives. The first steam locomotives were developed by Robert Stephenson and Company in the early 19th century.  The first steam locomotive to be mass-produced was the Lima Locomotive Works (LLW) Chippewa, which was built in the early

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18 Wheels Of Steel Haulin Rar Passwordlkjh ^HOT^

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