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Linda Lovelace Dogarama, 1969 (Latest)




 . . dog. The sex is filmed on a perverted camera . . . and then has sex with a real man. It is mostly gratuitous sex and not very creative. "Faster, harder, more dog!" begins the poster for this film and the audience soon finds out. Linda Lovelace is strapped to the saddle of a giant . . . dog . . . and rides him. Linda then has sex with a live man. At the climax Linda Lovelace does not resist . . . she begs for . . . the dog's ejaculation. It may be an easy film to classify, but "Faster, harder, more dog!" is a controversial film with a heavy moral agenda. It is unclear whether the producers of this film went further than just paying for the use of animals. In any case, this film is a sequel to "Deep Throat". The original film was a very successful porno film for which the producers received a lot of money. They then decided to make the film "Faster, harder, more dog!" But this was made with the intention of mocking the original film. The claim that Linda Lovelace has sex with a dog is a satirical statement, but also the original film included Linda Lovelace having sex with a dog. So it is possible that "Faster, harder, more dog!" was made with a sarcastic attitude. This film has been labelled as the worst film ever made. The title "Faster, harder, more dog!" is a reference to an advertising slogan used in the 1980s. It was used to promote the yoghurt drink Cool Aid and the dog food of the same name. This title has been used for similar documentaries and films where animals are involved. The film is a very good film, but the production crew should have been more careful in what they did. However, the purpose of the film is not to prove something. There are many statements and jokes, but most of them are not conclusive. It is very easy to make fun of the original film and make the audience feel bad. Linda Lovelace is a very strong character in this film and she performs great. Her later appearance in other films is much better than in "Dogarama". Also, Linda is very convincing in the role of the dog lover, who is having sex with dogs and even her love towards the dog is very convincing.




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Linda Lovelace Dogarama, 1969 (Latest)

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