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Determining the Practical Significance of Scientific Research

Scientific research is a work in which the author must show the solution to a specific problem. It is important that the problem being solved plays a certain role in science or life. This approach will simplify the process of substantiating the theoretical and practical significance of a scientific project.

The practical significance of the study emphasizes the key postulates of the work:

  • Relevance. Proving his "correctness", the author relies exclusively on real and fresh data;

  • Validity and reliability. In this case, the practical significance demonstrates the need for change, taking into account current factors, the conditions in which the problem and the object of study are located;

  • Confirmation or refutation of the hypothesis. This postulate is reflected in the conclusion. The results of the study and their practical significance actually act as an evidence base that confirms the initially put forward hypothesis or refutes it.

  • Novelty. In the course of the study, the author needs to develop a previously proposed method for solving the problem, which reflects a new approach to the identified gap, thereby confirming the scientific and practical novelty of the project.

  • The need for change. Practical significance necessitates the development of new actions that can quickly solve the problem, taking into account current circumstances and existing tools.

How to correctly formulate and reflect the practical significance of scientific work?

The formulation of the practical significance of scientific research should begin with generally accepted clichés:

  1. The practical significance of the work lies (consists) in the fact that ...

  2. The results of the study are designed to improve practical skills or fundamentals (indicate what is improved in practice, in life) ...

When formulating the practical significance of scientific research, it is necessary to proceed from where the results of the work can be applied, what they are aimed at. For example, the results obtained contribute to the creation of a new methodology, the formulation of the most effective recommendations, the establishment of circumstances or the creation of special conditions for the implementation of a specific plan, the creation of new programs, plans, the study of a new phenomenon, etc.

Sample design of the practical significance of scientific research. Practical significance is reflected in any research work: term paper, diploma, dissertation, etc. Let us give examples of the formulation of this criterion.

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