CerebroAd is online advertising visualization tool & media buying platform tailored for agencies and their clients.

Our goal is to measure, analyse and visualize campaigns in one platform from all sources including PPC systems. We turn data-driven multichannel attribution modelling into an easy-to-use and practical tool.

How we can help you?


up to

40 hours


Good campaign reporting and visualisation

are extremely time consuming. Our typical client uses many advertising platforms like AdWords, local PPC platform, DSPs, directly bought display ads, price comparison sites, direct emailing and social media.

Performance data

usually come from at least two systems e.g. DoubleClick and Omniture. In real life it means that we have to spend 40 hours per month just to report for one medium size client.

CerebroAd platform aggregates data, processes them and turns them into great looking visual reports.

Users will be able to buy media inventory directly from the platform.

We bring back simplicity

to online campaign reporting. The most sophisticated contemporary best priced methods on market are used. We believe that our users will stop to use Excel for reporting purposes. Our biggest advantage is an easy-to-use visualization tool literally showing data to clients. 

Venn diagrams, funnel diagrams and paths with real clients’ data. Our reporting concept is to present data in an infographic style. 

Key Features

Real-time Statistics

Analyze visual data to save time and energy. We keep all statistics permanently, so you get a complete picture for decision making.

Drack and Drop reports

No more checkboxes, just drack metric, that you like and you will see it in miliseconds.

Open API

Non-standard ad format library

Upload ad creatives using suitable HTML5 templates for correct delivery in all browsers and collect statistics on user interaction with ads.

CRM System to manage Clients

Multi-level access rights system for managers and advertisers to monitor campaigns and mutual payment.

Up to 25 prepared reports

Including weather, report, venn diagram, and interactive multichannel report.

Ad campaign forecasting

Our forcasting system algorithm calculates in real time the number of impressions and unique visitors within their period of profile activity. Instantly, find campaigns where you want to change ad delivery settings or extend profile activity in case of underdelivery.

Real-time reports

100+ metrics and data sets on confirmed views and user interaction with ads.

YES, we are mobile ready :)

For pricing, please contact us.